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December 7, 2008

Naruto's Temari to appear at Phoenix Comicon

Mesa—This January 23-25, the Phoenix Comicon is bringing voice actress Tara Platt (Temari from "Naruto,") to Arizona this January 23-25.

"You get to stand in a room with a legend," grinned Matt Solberg, Convention Director, "and we have a lot of legends at the Phoenix Comicon."

Tara Platt has lent her voice to many well-loved animes, American cartoons, and video games. Her voice can be heard in a variety of roles, from Temari in "Naruto," Dream Girl in "Legion of Superheroes," Hrist/Leone in "Valkyre Profile: Silmeria," Genie/Isabel in "HALO 2/ilovebees," and Tokiko from "Busou Renkin." She was also in other series and features like "Digimon: Island of Lost Digimon," "RaveMaster," "Tokko," "FateStayNight," "DearS," and "Boys Be." Tara has also acted in front of the camera for television shows like "Gilmore Girls," "Charmed," "The Playbook," "One Life to Live," and "Days of Our Lives." She can be seen in movies as well, including "Time & Tide," "Scarecrow III," "I'm Through with White Girls," and "BackSlash."

"Talk about fingers in pies!" laughed Kate Davids, Communications Director, "I can't wait to hear Tara's stories."

Tara has been an actress since she was nine and has since acted in Europe and the United States. Currently she is working with Yuri Lowenthal, another guest at the Phoenix Comicon, on their new production company Monkey Kingdom Productions. She continues to work in acting as she expands into writing as well.

"As anime grows, it's influences will be felt all over," said Greg Fennell, Anime Director, "And the Phoenix Comicon is where you'll get to ride the wave."

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