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September 9, 2008

Tiffany Grant to appear at Phoenix Comicon

Mesa -- The Phoenix Comicon has added Tiffany Grant, known for her role as "Asuka" from the classic anime "Neon Genesis Evangelion" to its guest list for January '09's convention. She'll be around to sign autographs as well as host panels on the anime industry.

"Having Tiffany come is not only exciting for us as the signature pop culture convention of the South West, it's important for our guests," explained Matt Solberg, Convention Director, "Now we'll all be safe from angel attacks!"

During an expansive career, Tiffany Grant, is best known as Asuka in "Neon Gensis Evangelion," she was the first voice actor ADV hired in February 1994 for the project that has since become a classic in the anime world. But her credits do not stop there. She has provided the voice for characters in about 1000 TV episodes, OVAs & movies including Satella from "Chrono Crusade," Kome from "Blue Seed", Madame Pres. From "Golden Boy," Kaorin from "Azumanga Daioh," Shizuru from "Godannar," Marta from "Full Metal Alchemist" and Kuriko from "Maburaho." The impressive list continues with many video game titles.

"We can't wait to pick Tiffany's brain for details on our favorite shows. Chances are, she's worked on one of them, she's been in so many!" said Rick Hernandez, Marketing Director.

Not only has Tiffany voiced, but she has worked on the English dubbing scripts for shows like "Angelic Layer," "Maburaho," "Godannar," "Ah! My Goddess 2," and "The Wallflower." She's also worked on some subtitled such series as another CLAMP title, "Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland." An admitted anime fan herself, Tiffany has seen almost every side of the business.

"Tiffany has everyone's dream job: she gets to work at her hobby! We can't wait to hear how it about how the industry works, not to mention the fun stories," said Kate Davids, Communications Director.

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