Salt City Steamfest 2016 Information

Salt City Steamfest 2016

Salt City Steamfest 2016

August 12-14, 2016

The Utah Cultural Celebration Center
Salt Lake City, UT

Steampunk Event

Salt City Steamfest is Utah's only currently running Steampunk experience convention mixing immersion and live action role-play, with creative workshops and a DIY community. Started off in 2011 and still running strong, Salt City Steamfest is an event that truly knows that "Adventure is Here!"

For many of those years, the festival was ran under the guise of a convention. Taking place in several hotels and standing the test of time, Salt City Steamfest now rests comfortably in West Valley City. A devloped location just outside of Salt Lake City proper, but full of diversity, art, creativity, and culture, as is the Steampunk community itself!

Salt City Steamfest was founded and operated under Sage Tree Productions, LLC until November of 2014. Though an entity created and tailored to quality event creation, it now stands tall under it's new mother Alabaster Tea, LLC. A business created to not only promote Steampunk in the community, but ALL aspects of fantasy and flare.

Owned by Nichole "Nivi" Hicks, THE young woman who's enjoyed Steampunk for years, the festival now has a very active and strong immersive base, or LARP as many may know it as. Nichole founded Steamfest when she was only 21 and through her trials and triumphs, has stood tall as one of the older running United States Steampunk conventions currently out there. Oh! What is LARP? Live Action Roleplay of course! Yes, we're nerds, but thanks to the guidance of Sean Keene, professional story teller and game master, these adventures just keep getting better, and better!

So what are you waiting for? Join us in the festivities and marry making, in only the way's a Steampunk can muster!

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