Key City Steampunk Festival 2021 Information

Key City Steampunk Festival 2021

Key City Steampunk Festival 2021

August 13-15, 2021

Wyndham Gettysburg
Gettysburg, PA

Steampunk Event

The Key City Steampunk Festival is an event in celebration of a wonderful community and genre that brings us all together to enjoy one another's creativity, knowledge, craft, and dedication to excellence. Hosted by Doc Stone, Brian Fadrosh, and Tobias McCurry, we have striven over many years to help produce a show to bring just that to you.

This event began as the brainchild of Wheeler, otherwise known as Doc Stone, in 2016. With humble beginnings in downtown Frederick, the event was originally hosted as "Steampunk Frederick," brought to you in the Maryland Ensemble Theatre for two years. Since then, we have successfully and exponentially grown with the help of an amazingly supportive team, and through the passion of dedicated attendees.

We ventured into our first hotel hosted events in 2018 and 2019, and have seen exponential growth in attendance over the past few years. As such, we are excited to continue the annual tradition of the Key City Steampunk Festival by continuing to bring a vendor bazaar of hand forged & artisan curios, musical & artistic performances, and much more from talent coming from various corners of the United States.

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