The Surrey Steampunk Convivial 2020 Information

This event has been cancelled.

The Surrey Steampunk Convivial 2020

The Surrey Steampunk Convivial 2020

October 10-11, 2020

The Station
Epsom, UK

Steampunk Event

It is with great sadness that we have come to the decision to...

oh, you know how this dreadfully disappointing sentence ends. That damn bug.

We had been waiting to see what the Governmental rule would be in July, knowing how keen they are on changing their minds about things - and also how the pub was going to react to opening again and the prospect of a herd of Steampunks descending on them.

And after months of tutting and staying indoors, here we are on July the 4th, and we have to make a decision.

Well, although the pubs are indeed open, the function room will not available for us to hire out again until 2021 (or thereabouts...).

Fortunately, despite the Convivial being an annual event, we do hold it three times per year means which means we have been ahead of ourselves for quite a while, so it should not take too long to catch up with ourselves again.

So, The Surrey Steampunk Convivial for July and October is off the menu. Oh, I'm sorry to bear that news. It is such a shame.


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