Steampunk The Thames 2018 Information

Steampunk The Thames 2018

Steampunk The Thames 2018

November 8-11, 2018

Downtown Thames
Thames, New Zealand

Steampunk Event

Our steampunk festival of the arcane and thaumaturgic arts will crank up a head of steam Thursday 8th to Sunday 12th November 2018 with an action packed, fun filled weekend of high energy hoopla for grownups and young people alike.

Steampunk The Thames are pleased to bring you the fourth annual steampunk festival in town. It is run by a voluntary organisation, Steampunk The Thames Inc., and its committee of eight, who bring to the festival a wealth of talent, fresh ideas and a passion to "art up Thames".

We have created this festival to celebrate Thames' own blend of art, heritage and culture; inspire and stimulate local talent; showcase local art and creativity and attract visitors to town to join us in having a rollicking good time.

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